Essential Factors To Consider To Build A Chicken House

Chickens are good sources of healthy meat and nutritious eggs. In fact, if you have your own chickens you can actually save from the expenses you might incur if you will buy chicken eggs and meat from the market or grocery stores. Therefore, it is one great act to care for them and return the favor by building shelters for them. Chicken houses are ideal artificial habitats for them, however, there are several factors which you need to consider if you are to build a chicken house.

1. Planning and Design. It will be a helpful step if you will layout the design of the house first. Labeling might be an extra step which you might want to do. You should also consider the paint colors and the building materials which you are about to use. Keep in mind that you are to build a chicken house not just for the plain purpose of providing shelter for your chickens. It will be wise for you to consider that it will be an added facility in your entire house. The appearance and color must complement your house. It must be good looking too so it would not be a source of physical distraction to your neighborhood.

2. Extreme Weather and Predator Protection. The changing weather patterns can bring extreme weather conditions such as heavy rains, snow and extreme heat. These conditions are dangerous to the chickens and can affect their health and productivity. Predators such as rats and even dogs must always be prevented from sneaking inside. A better way of providing protection from extreme weather conditions and predators is to install doors and windows that can be opened and closed when the need arises. The walls must also be made of sturdy materials to prevent hungry predators from destroying it. It will be helpful to put rat and mouse traps outside the chicken house too.

3. Ventilation. Putting insulations on the walls is an important proper ventilation element if you are to build a chicken house. Insulations on walls will keep the chicken dry while locking away humidity. Insulations are also good protection from extreme weather conditions.

4. Lighting. Build a chicken house that will be facing the direction where direct sunlight will be received by the chickens. You should also consider installing electrical lights to provide the chickens an additional source of warmth during cold months. Electrical light and warmth also help the chickens produce great quality eggs all throughout the year.

5. Water Source. Chickens also need water to help them digest the food they eat, especially if they are constantly fed with artificial feeds such as growth masses and concentrates. Chicken houses should be built where water source is easy so as for easy cleaning too. Build chicken houses near faucets or where access to long hoses will be easy.

Considering the above factors, to build a chicken house will just be a chicken-feed task for you, whether you are to build simpler and smaller types or even complex and sophisticated ones.

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