Duck Housing – Simple Building Tips For Successful Duck Houses

Unlike poultry housing, duck housing is less expensive. They can be made from simple materials. Nevertheless, there are still a few significant points that you need to consider in terms of duck housing. First of all, ducks need protection against predators. Even if you have domesticated a duck, this does not mean that it is already safe. Dogs, cats, and even rodents can act as predators. So, the whole housing must be predator-proof. It must be made from simple yet sturdy materials such as wood and bamboo. Then, the housing must also provide protection from harsh weather conditions. Even if they are covered with thick feathers, they still need to be protected from extreme cold or heavy rains.

However, it is not ideal to keep ducks in cages often. If you have a duck, you must also let it loose once in a while. You can let it run around your backyard or swim in the pool. Just make sure that you bring it back to its cage when you sense predators coming. Then again, if roaming around is totally not possible, you can make the duck housing bigger instead. Allot enough space for it to eat, clean up, and socialize. You must avoid keeping it in a cramped cage. This will prevent it from flapping its wings and moving around. Ducklings need half a square foot of floor space during their first week, one square foot during the next, and three square foot during the third week and onwards.

The floor of the duck housing must also have appropriate bedding. This is to provide the duck with insulation and comfort. Some of the recommended materials for bedding are hay, fleece, and straw. You can also use strips of newspapers, but this should only be temporary. If the bedding becomes wet or moldy, it must be changed immediately. If it remains unchanged, it might cause health hazards to the duck. Moreover, wood chips and liter must not be used for bedding. These materials can present a choking hazard for the duck. Furthermore, you must make sure that the duck is kept warm. You can place a lamp with an infrared light bulb in its housing to provide heat.

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