Tips for Exceptional Home Decor

When you are thinking of upgrading your home décor or changing the appearance of a room you are sometimes left at a spot where you lack inspiration or tips to make your decoration plans work.

Lest take a look at some basic design aspects that will really make great difference in your design plan.


Use a set of muted or even toned colours in the space you are decorating, not only will it make the space appear bigger it will allow any other brightly accent item to pop. If you plan on painting your walls bright colours, use contrasting colours or lighter colours from the same side of the colour wheel to accent special items. Keep the ceilings a light colour; a lighter ceiling will appear higher.

Focus on a specific colour scheme and develop your ideas from there. Be sure that the colours you choose match or contrasts the carpets or flooring that are in the room.


It is import when you plan your home décor that your rooms flow into one another, this can be achieved by using the same type of accent pieces throughout your house.

Form and function

We all want to create beautiful spaces but you need to focus on the form and function of the room you want to decorate. Ensure that there is enough seating and space available to perform the intended function of the room.

Patterns and textures

You can add a whole new design dimension to a space if you add patterns and textures, from soft velvet to rough beading and everything in between. Carpeting, throws, table cloths or runners and scatter cushions are a good way to introduce texture into a space.


Lighting plays an important role in the home décor department, not only will the correct lighting illuminate your accent pieces but it can create a whole different ambience in the room. Pick lights that suit your planned design theme or multifunctional lighting that can be used with various themes. Candles and standing laps are a great way to incorporate additional lighting and design aspects into your design space.

Less is more

You do not need to overcrowd with as many home décor items as you can possibly fit in. Rather choose a few interesting pieces and focus the room design around them. A single piece of art on its own can have a much bigger impact than a lot of pieces placed together.

Window dressings

Choose window dressing that accentuates your designs, a vintage feel will be better suited with curtains where a modern feel might be accentuated with blinds.

Personalise your space

Live your life and share your dreams in the spaces that you create. Beautiful framed photographs and handwritten letters creates a sense of belonging. You can also use wall art or inspirational words against the walls to make the space your own.


Well planned home décor will create a world of difference between an a nice room and a beautiful room.

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