The Importance Of Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

According to Sloan Alma Smith, the past president of the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA), it takes roughly five years to correct a one-year nutrient deficiency. Many physicians themselves say that without supplements they are not as healthy writing serviceĀ  as they should be nor and they recommend supplements for their patients as well.

If you are presently taking prescribed medication, you need to wait about 45-60 minutes after taking your medication so they don’t negate each other. Supplements are best taken with food because they assimilate better with added nutrients, etc. If possible, take fat-soluble vitamins (A, D and E) before a meal and water-soluble vitamins after a meal.

If you are new to taking supplements, start gradually. Take a lower dose to start, and gradually add a little more every three or four days. This could avoid nausea, poor digestion and assimilation, gas, diarrhea, skin rashes, dizziness, abdominal cramps or headaches. Your body will start detoxifying as soon as you start taking supplements and these are some of the symptoms of detoxification.

The recommended amount of vitamins and minerals is based on an adult (12 and up). If an individual is larger than the average adult, or sick, they need to take a higher amount dosage. Children 6 to 12, should take 1/2 the recommended amount. Children 1 – 6 should take 1/4 the recommended amount and infants need to take a liquid vitamin/mineral formula.

Vitamins and minerals work together. A regular daily supplement program will provide the body with the necessary tools to maintain optimum health and self-healing. Minerals are most easily assimilated when they are “amino acid chelated”.

There are also many what are called, “accessory food factors”, that play an important role in health and are very important to incorporate into your diet; not necessarily everyday, but at least once a month.

The question I always get when people discover they need to supplement is “what supplements should I take”? I understand the frustration and confusion people new to supplementation have. I went through the same confusion. After all, if you don’t know your supplements are working, you are just flushing your money down the toilet. Also, if your supplements are not pharmaceutical grade, you are not getting the necessary amount of the nutrient that is listed. Many companies say their supplement contains a certain nutrient but that is not enough. You have to know that the nutrient listed is actually necessary amount your body needs for effective use by the body.

Unfortunately, the level of nutrients we get from our food is not enough due to poor soil conditions, herbicides, pesticides, etc.. It is necessary, for optimal health, to take a supplement, preferably one that is broken into two separate dosages so your body is protected 24 hours a day.

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