Star Wars: The Old Republic Walkthrough

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a Star Wars computer game like never before. It revolves around the unending battle between the Imperials and the Republic. This game requires skill, patience, and a love for light sabers. This Star Wars walkthrough will help you master the many different tasks that this game sets before you.

You start the game with the choice of being an Imperial or a Republic soldier or force-user. This choice greatly influences your gaming experience to come globallytime. As an imperial you will be expected to use the force lightning and choke to kill people, or simply shoot them. While as the republic you will be expected to make well thought out decisions and preserve life. But just because you are expected to react those ways does not necessarily mean you have to. For instance, you can make an Imperial Sith Juggernaut and when given the option to kill a man you can simply set him free, for light side points. The opposite is true for the republic. If they expect you to arrest somebody but you just don’t like their face, or think it would take too long to arrest them, you can go ahead and put a light saber in their belly or a blaster round in their head.

This game also has a very in-depth companion system that isn’t seen in many other, if any, MMO’s on the market right now. You get allies to join you along your journey. These allies can craft for you while you quest or PVP. They can sell your unwanted items for you. They can come with you on your adventures and heal you or help you kill monsters or other players. Hell you can even have sex with them if you want to. The possibilities are limitless. Another reason why having an informative Star Wars walkthrough is extremely handy.

Now one of my favorite aspects of any MMO is absolutely the PVP system. This is a department that I think Star Wars computer games has always shined in, especially Star Wars: The Old Republic. Every PVP match is filled with Jedi throwing rocks, Sith Sorcerers shooting lightning, Juggernauts and Guardians choking and lifting people and lovely blaster bullets flying in every which direction. Each class can mix up to three skill trees to combine various perks with skills and become an even deadly adversary and I just can’t get enough of it. This guide has many epic PVP builds, and I can honestly say that I have stomped as well as been stomped by, just about every single one of them.

Now if you want to be the best around and get the most out of your Star Wars experience I suggest this guide. But if you want to be a second-rate chump who sits at his/her computer desk and cries because, “This stupid overpowered sorcerer can keep me CC’d for days.” then go ahead. I don’t mind opening my eGuide, reading through my Star Wars walkthrough and keeping you CC’d with my top of the line build while gaining valor off of your poor decisions and builds. But if you change your mind, it is the best price for the best guide I’ve seen for this game yet. See you on the war front.


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