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Rising Cyber Attacks

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The recent rise of cyber attacks have become a great concern for all the influential organizations world wide. What is a cyber attack? It is an attempt to gain control to the computer and track the movements of an individual or a group without their permission. This can be the new form of weapon to fight against a country. Why waste bullets and money when a country can be shut down in just minutes by aiming the power grids, national banks etc. This is known as cyber warfare. The Economist describes cyber-warfare as the ‘fifth domain of warfare and the US Defense Department recently categorized any serious cyber attack as an act of war. https://cyberspecial.net/

Previously hackers, for the sake of fun, used to target single user computers but gradually they began to form groups, powerful ones to attack the big shots. As I started writing this post, a new attack had occurred. International Monetary Fund (IMF) reported that its computer system had a major breach. It was targeted by hackers who they believe are connected to a foreign government. The hackers stole email and other important documents.

* As we all know, Gmail was attacked where accounts of high state officials from the US and Asia, military personnel, journalists and many others were hacked. The only action that was taken by Google was to trace the attack. What else could be done? We do not expect them to attack or arrest those who were guilty. Its the job of the Pentagon but sadly it is not doing much to tackle such problems… It was found out that it came from a province in China, Jinan. China on the other hand warned Google not to point fingers at them without proper proof otherwise they would face drastic actions.

* After Gmail, the next target was Lockheed Martin. For those who do not know Lockheed Martin, it is a company which deals with American Aerospace, Security, Defense and other technology company. As soon as the attack took place, Lockheed detected it fast and took security measures which enabled them to be secure. No valuable information were compromised. I should say, Lockheed was lucky.

* Sony,the entertainment giant was also attacked, not one, but two successive attacks in a matter of days. The hackers stole millions of personal information and password of all the accounts associated with the PlayStation Network.This was a blow to all the gamers owning the PS3. I bet the rival, XBOX 360 has already taken security measure for its XBOX Live network, which has more users than PSN (PlayStation Network).

* Instead of XBOX 360 being the target, poor Nintendo became a victim but it was reported that no company or personal information was lost. I guess they were lucky that day!


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