Is Your House Boring?

Are you the proud owner of a boring crackerbox condo? Do you have a functional house that needs something extra? Fortunately, it’s possible to make your good but lousy investment look great too without too much fuss. Better than a paint job, more permanent than a new bedroom suite and packing a solid:” I love what you’ve done to this place!” punch here’s one little trick that often gets overlooked:

Crown Molding

Boost your resale value and give the rooms in your home a finished look by adding crown molding where the ceiling meets the wall. Though it’s a subtle addition, if you pine for the days when buildings were full of romance and houses were drenched in detail, adding this classic architectural detail to your rooms is a relatively small investment with a big payoff.

If Crown Molding is so Great, Why isn’t it Standard?

Well, back in the days when walls weren’t straight and drafty gaps were the norm, crown molding wasn’t just a fine decorative touch; it was the handy stuff you used to keep the heat in. Unfortunately, in these times of drywall, perfect corners and modernity, it’s sorely missed. A sentiment evidenced by the fact that we’re seeing a more new homes and condos being built that incorporate the finishing touches, including crown molding, right from the start.

If your home isn’t one of the lucky ones, and most homes built within the past 40 years aren’t, you can add it yourself or with the help of a contractor in very little time.

Pick your Era…

There are as many styles of crown molding as there are housing styles. Variances in width, color and decorative detail give you a lot of leeway when recreating the look in your home. Think of the possibilities:


– Renaissance

– Baroque

– Rococo

– Federal

– Art Deco

– Victorian

– Colonial

– Modern

But Not Any Era…

But if you’re planning to deck your 1959 Eichler out in Rococo trim, you really better know what you’re doing. Though you should always express your creativity in your home’s decor, if you want to make the most of your molding, pay special attention to matching it to your home’s architectural style. Please.

Once you settle on a style, it’s a good idea to repeat it throughout the house rather than change it room to room. Unlike your furniture and decorations, crown molding becomes part of the building itself and should therefore be regarded as an architectural detail.

If you really want to make your rooms pop, there are a number of other frivolous but satisfying details you can add. Ceiling medallions, corbels, door trim, baseboards, window trim and pilasters all make a dramatic difference and when handled correctly, add a deep sense of beauty to any room they’re in.

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