Increasing Curb Appeal: Four Tips for Sellers

When you’re getting ready to sell your home, you are responsible for maintaining a home while it’s on the market, and sometimes you need to put a little extra TLC into your home before it’s ready to be shown. However, you can’t sink an entire investment into one home, so what are a couple quick fixes you can do in order spruce up your home to give it a little extra curb appeal?

Repaint the Exterior

Nothing adds a little extra pop like a new coat of paint and repainting the exterior of your home will give it a crisp, clean look that will entice buyers into taking a closer look. Exterior painting is much faster and less time intensive than interior painting because you have less small features (outlets, mantles, etc.) to worry about painting around. In fact, if you cover the windows with tape and butcher paper, you can use a paint sprayer to cover the whole house quickly and without much fuss. Check with your local hardware store to see if you can rent the sprayer to save even more money by doing it yourself, rather than hiring a crew.

Refinish the Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are a big seller these days, so if your home has them, make sure to take care of them and make them stand out as a selling point of the home. Refinishing your floors is a fairly simple undertaking and should take between a weekend to a week to complete, depending on how much surface area you need to refinish.

Install an IKEA Kitchen

That’s right, the Swedish furniture store known for its reasonable prices and meatballs offers an online program to help you design and implement a perfect and affordable kitchen. The kitchen is one place that should always look presentable to potential buyers since a good kitchen is always high on home buyers’ lists. Add new cabinets, drawers and a coat of paint and your kitchen will give your interested parties something to look forward to in their potential new home.

Do a Little Xeriscaping

Increase curb appeal and decrease the maintenance factor by xeriscaping part of the front yard on your property. Xeriscaping adds beauty to a lawn, but the plants used require little watering and maintenance. This is a definite selling point for home buyers, who want a lawn that’s already beautiful and doesn’t require a ton of work.

Of course, as with any home remodel or upgrades, talk to your real estate broker to make sure that you are focusing on the right areas of your home and the return on investment that they anticipate getting before you begin spending money on improvements. If you’re going to have a successful marketing strategy to sell your home, you need to work with your real estate agent to ensure you are doing the right things to your home.

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