Essential Real Estate Agent Qualities: Integrity, And Fiduciary Responsibilities

In many areas/ regions of this country, a homeowner, has many choices, in terms of selecting, the right, real estate agent, to serve his best interests, etc. Obviously, since for most of us, our house represents our single – largest financial asset, and this decision, may have a strong impact, on the potential results, one should take this process, extremely seriously, and take the time, and effort, to ensure, selecting the best representation, for your purposes. While, it might be possible, to effectively, train, and develop, agents, so they learn the necessary skills, etc, and, a motivated individual, via a combination of skills, and developed judgment/ wisdom, one’s basic quality of character, must be strongly considered, because while anyone might be able to handle the other needed actions, etc, only the rare person, will maintain absolute integrity, especially when an easier path, might be available. This must also include, that individually, seriously commit, to their legal and ethical responsibility, and duty, to honor, and protect, his client’s fiduciary privacy, etc. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, review, and discuss, some of what, this encompasses.

1. What are some of an agent’s fiduciary responsibilities?: Real estate agents, are, legally and ethically, bound, to honor and protect, his client’s financial information, and anything, which might affect, and impact, their potential results! For example, while the homeowner, might have personal reasons, which might direct him, towards needing to sell his house, such as financial reversals, etc, letting potential home buyers, know these, might result in these individuals, seeking better terms, including lower offers, etc. In addition, for example, if, your client, has already committed to purchasing a new home, and selling the existing one, is needed, for completing that transaction, disclosing this confidential information, potentially, might be detrimental to your client. Since real estate agents, get paid on a commission – basis, and only are compensated, after a successful transaction, some might be tempted to take some short – cuts, and might disclose certain information, believing it may, create offers. Understand, doing so, is neither legal or ethical, but, the reality is, it is sometimes, done, anyway!

2. Integrity and disclosure: One must balance their allegiance to their client, with their legal obligation, to disclose any material issues/ faults, which might affect any potential buyer! No one should proceed, with anything less than absolute integrity, while balancing this, with the duties and responsibilities, he owes, to his client.

Carefully select the real estate agent, you will hire, based on many factors, but, listen carefully, and closely examine, the individual’s essential quality of character! You owe it, to yourself, to receive the finest representation!

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