Earn Money Quickly – How to Find Products to Make Cash Fast

We live in a time where an increasing number of people are living from paycheck to paycheck with little, if any, money remaining at the end of pay period. Few people have insufficient savings for emergency situations. Unforeseen circumstances often create a crisis where money is needed immediately. For example: During the winter months, it’s common for someone to have a fender bender with their car. Insurance covers most of the repair but there is a deductible which can be $500, $1000, or more. So, how does one come up with an extra $1000 quickly? Some people look at the internet as a potential source to earn money quickly. The internet is a good source to make cash fast, however, there are two issues that must be resolved: (a) what to sell? and (b) how to advertise? This article will identify three ideas on what to sell to make cash fast. Additional resources for further information will also be provided QuickBooks tool hub free download.

1. Information Products Write and sell your own e-book:

One of the best ways to get started in online marketing is to sell information product e-books. An e-book is a document that is created as a file on the computer. The e-book communicates information others will want to read. Generally an e-book is 30 or more pages long. An e-book can be delivered via the internet as a Microsoft Word document or a Text document, but the preferred method is as an Adobe PDF-format document.

There are two barriers most people need to overcome.


  • The first is that they’re not a writer. The second is that they lack information of value that others will want to buy. The chances are that both of these are perceptions but not truth. If one can write an email and send it to a friend or business colleague, they can write an e-book. The document will need to be free of spelling errors and major grammatical errors. This can be overcome either by using the computer’s spell-check and grammar-check tools or with the help of a friend that can do the editing.
  • The second barrier is that they don’t have information of value that others will want to buy. It is necessary to have marketable knowledge, skills, or experience. For example, a person with experience or special knowledge as a gardener, landscaper, fix-it person, sheet-rocker, deck builder, money manager, golf instructor, coach, or electrician likely has information of marketable value. A person with a knack for explaining something, that often confuses other people, can market that ability. Take some time and think through these things. Talk to a friend, relative, or professional colleague and ask their opinion. All of the ideas that surface are source material for e-books.

2. Affiliate Marketing Become an Affiliate:


Many businesses have an Affiliate Program that offers others the opportunity to sell their products. The “affiliate” promotes their products online and receives a commission on all sales. It shouldn’t cost anything to become an affiliate. However, the affiliate will need a website to market the products.

Entering into an Affiliate Agreement is fast and provides quick access to a broad variety of products and services. The affiliate’s challenge is to find ways to effectively market these products and services.

It’s easy to find businesses that offer an affiliate program. Let’s assume a person wants to sell JEWELRY. Go to Google and enter in the phrase “jewelry +affiliate”. Google will list numerous companies that offer affiliate programs associated with the sale of jewelry. Click on the search engine listing, look at the company’s Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions, and sign up. It’s as simple as that. Get some promotional materials from the company and start the online marketing of their products.

3. Online Auctions Sell items in an online auction:

Many people have a storage space in their basement, attic, or closet where they put things that seldom or never get used. After awhile, they’ve got so much stuff they start looking for more space. They might think of these items as “junk”. In reality, they are sources of cash. Why not sell these items on the internet in an online auction. In many cases these items are worth more than one would anticipate.

Online auctions are a real easy way to earn money quickly. It’s probably one of the best ways to make cash fast. Once all the personal items have been sold, offer to sell items for friends and neighbors. Take a percentage of the sale (e.g. 25% – 40% of the sell price). The friends or neighbors benefit from making money on the sale and they benefit by freeing up space taken by their “junk”. A person can further expand this into a business by purchasing excess inventory at highly discounted prices and then turning around and selling those items for a profit. In many cases, the excess inventory can be purchased in an online auction. Auctions are a quick way to bring in some money and a website is not needed to make it happen. Furthermore, it is not necessary to be a “business” to sell personal items online.

eBay makes it very easy to set up an account at no charge. Once an account is set up, a person can sell most anything. There are multiple ways to receive payments with no up-front expense to the seller. Just list the item, download a digital photo of the item to be sold, and enter a description for the item. Another benefit of an online auction is that the search feature in the auction site makes it very easy for products to be found.

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