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Do Video Game Addicts and Compulsive Gamblers Have Anything in Common?

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How similar is the path that a compulsive gambler and a video game addict are taking? Do they go through the same orientation and same patterns?

Addiction is already defined as a state of being too dependent on something up to the point that it becomes abnormal and destructive to a person’s whole being. Alcohol and narcotic drugs are the most common agents identified in substance addiction. Compulsive gambling and video game addiction, on the other hand, fall in the same category of behavioral, non-substance related addictions. เว็บแทงบอล

The compulsive gambler and the video game addict goes through the same path of addiction. They start out with getting introduced with the game play. They initially spend a few hours trying out a round or two. Then they fall into a pattern that soon goes out of their control. They soon make the harmless, influential game the be-all and end-all of their everyday lives.

The most common symptoms shared by a compulsive gambler and a video game addict:

– Lack or loss of control: Both the compulsive gambler and the video game addict lacks or completely lose control with the amount of time and money spent in playing. The video game addict claims to spend only a few hours to just move up one level or two or three. Until he finds himself completing the whole adventure for the entire day. Gamblers may purchase a certain number of chips before game play and declare it as their maximum only to find themselves walking to the nearest ATM machine to get more funds.

– Displaying an escapist behavior: Zoning out, avoidance, compulsiveness, and denial are just a few of the most common signs of an escapist behavior. The gambler and the video game addict zone out from the real world when they are in their gaming world. They devoid themselves of any feelings or emotions either to ignore an unwanted situation or to simply just numb themselves. The frequency of their game time is proof of the compulsion they have for their addiction. Finally, denial within themselves and with the people surrounding them their addiction is taking its toll in their lives.

– Losing or narrowing of interests: The only thing they will talk about is their game- their wins or level ups or their new tricks or avatars. They even spend their waking hours away from the game still thinking about it. Other hobbies they may be involved with previously are forgotten. Friends and family who encourage them with their old hobbies or get them to try new ones may be doing so in vain.

These are only 3 symptoms very common with compulsive gambling and video game addiction. They still need to be further explored and explained in order to completely understand how they came to be. It may come easy for people to identify substance addictions because of physical manifestations that are present. While non-substance addictions may seem hard to identify because of the psychological and behavior patterns that need to be closely monitored.


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