Digital Plans For Building a Dog House

So much can be obtained from the internet, including DIY plans for building a dog house. Having said that, the hardest part can be obtaining the right plans for your particular needs. This article helps you prepare to build a dog house, and directs you to the next step.

Best Building Material

The most common construction material for a dog kennel is wood. Why? Because it’s cheap, as well as very easy to cut, shape, and screw together. You’re best to go with a soft wood like pine or cedar, as hard woods are just too heavy and difficult to work with.

Other building materials include brick, stone, or even sheet metal, but none of these are as adaptable to the weather as wood, and they’ll often end up costing more anyway.

Internal Climate Control

Dogs are very sensitive to heat. It’s extremely important that your homemade dog kennel is ventilated accordingly. If you live in a hot area it’s even more important to get it right. The best plans for building a dog house will go over this aspect.

Of course, dogs are also susceptible to the cold too. Installing a doggy door is a good idea to keep your pet warm. Insulation is also a must in areas prone to snow and/or ice.

Sizing Up Your Dog

When you download plans for building a dog house, you’ll often be given schematics for more than one design. These designs obviously vary, depending on the size and number of dogs that you own.

The general options are:

– A mid-sized dog kennel for small and medium sized dogs.
– A large dog kennel for bigger dogs.
– A standard sized duplex kennel for multiple pets.
– A large sized kennel for 2 big dogs.

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