Different Types of Stem Glasses

Stem glasses are referred to by various names. To some, stem glasses are called wine glasses, where as to others, they are dubbed as champagne flutes or even cocktail glasses. No matter the varying names, stem glasses are in the category of drink ware defined by their stems which are set on bases. All types of stem glasses are cataloged as stem ware. An archetypal facet to stem glasses are their tapered stems or trunk that divide the drinking bowls from the base. We will examine a few stem glass aspects in order to distinguish one stem ware from the other.

Stem glasses can be manufactured from different types of materials, ranging from ceramic, metal or glass. Typically, whatever materials are employed, stem ware will still attain similar magnitudes as the elementary steam glass dimensions. Some forms of stem glasses include margarita glasses, cocktail glasses, cordial glasses, brandy snifters, champagne flutes, chalices, goblets and wine glasses. Each form of stem glass possesses its own unique breadth.

Each type of stem ware has its own distinctive shape. Let’s take the martini glass for example; this stem glass is also popularly known as a cocktail glass, has a bowl that’s conically shaped and can house around 200 to 250 ml of liquids. An ordinary, run-of-the-mill martini or cocktail glass is about 6 inches in height and a diameter of roughly a little over 2 inches. A basic martini or cocktail glass usually has a 4 inch spacious aperture. Glass manufacturers nowadays have become more inventive, targeting niche markets by making martini and cocktail glasses wider and taller in order to make allocations for the popular drink, double martinis.

Wine glasses, obviously used for wine tasting or drinking the beverage itself, also has its own regular width and breadth. A classic wine glass is about 6 ½ inches in height, about 3 inches in width and its base’s girth is about 2 ½ inches. The profile of this particular stem ware is made in such a way so that the aromas and color of wines will be displayed to their best advantage. It is interesting to note that under normal circumstances, a traditional wine glass’s cavity is not any bigger than its base. This is to balance the glass when it’s placed on a surface.

And now for the proverbial champagne flute, the stem glass used to house champagne of rich golden hues and bubbly disposition. Champagne glasses normally have a couple of variants; the champagne flute and the champagne coupe. Champagne flutes are about 8 inches tall and 2 ½ inches in width, and can contain up to 6 ounces of liquids. The body of a champagne flute is slender and elegant, and best represents the quality of champagne displayed. Champagne coupes are more old school and hardly used anymore nowadays. You would remember seeing them in old movies in the hands of beautiful leading ladies bedecked in expensive jewels. A champagne coupe is typically shaped like a saucer with a shallow bowl, and is about 7 ½ cm tall with by and large a width of 8.5 cm.

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