Chicken House Designs – The Educated Approach

When making a chicken house (or coop) in your backyard it is imperative that you take as much into consideration that you can before you make a commitment. A chicken house is a stationary construct that requires rigorous planning. While going about making one it will be best if you prioritized your approach based on some critical factors. The following should be kept in mind while planning the chicken house:

a. The poultry size: This is paramount. The size of your poultry will determine the size and type of your coop. As a rule of thumb it is recommended that at least 4 square feet of space be provided per bird so that they may move freely in their house. The smallest you can acquire is a chicken tractor measuring at about 20 square feet while the larger ones go above 40 square feet.

b. Predators: The most nagging problem that poultry farmers face. Your chicken house needs to ensure that no predators whether land based or aerial can make its way into the coop.

c. The Backyard: If your backyard is incapable of supporting your poultry or is too small for a large sized coop then it will be best to shorten your poultry size (of course you can also move into a bigger place!).

d. The interiors: You need to carefully and tactfully plan out the interiors of the coop as it must ensure the maximum comfort for the chicken. A feeder and a waterer must be available filled at all times. There should be a place for the chicken to nest. Also make sure that the windows provide for cross air ventilation. A good idea is to cover the chicken house’s floor with sand or saw dust as chicken love taking sand baths.

These should get you started. There are many intricate things that must be taken into account also. Your Chicken house need not be something impossibly perfect; such thoughts can often seem intimidating and should shunned aside. What must be kept in mind are your requirements and the issues that you are or potentially will be facing.

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