Brad Johnson’s Warcraft Millionaire Guide Review

It’s hard to make gold in World of Warcraft. To get enough for even the basic spell upgrades can take a lot of effort. The later stages of the game do get easier though, especially with the introduction of the daily quests. Even so, it can take weeks of doing daily quests to have enough to buy an epic flying mount.

But don’t despair, that epic flying mount is not lost to you. World of Warcraft players have lots of avenues available to them to streamline their gold harvesting. There are so many tricks, in fact, that not even long established players can possibly know them all.

A fellow named Brad Johnson is one of a number of players who have taken it upon themselves to test and document most, if not all, of the methods available to efficiently make WoW gold. Johnson’s guide is called Warcraft Millionaire, and it documents his claim to have made one million in Warcraft gold.

That is certainly an amazing claim.

The first thing to remember is that a lot of these sorts of guides aren’t, to put it frankly, very good. They either skimp on the info, or regurgitate what is already common knowledge. Checking out the Warcraft Millionaire guide put these fears to rest. It’s chock full of information, some 200 pages in total, spread over seven eBooks.

There are a huge number of lists containing the best places to make gold, and the best selling items on the Auction House, as well as the best loot drops. There is also a lot of common sense knowledge in the guide, wrapped up into a pretty decent package that is concise and well written. There’s no prattling on here.

The Warcraft Millionaire guide isn’t just a guide for making WoW gold. A lot of the data it contains can be used to enhance the players experience with the game. For instance, a lot of players collect vanity pets. Sure these pets sell for a packet on the Auction House, but the guide lists where these pets can be found by the collector.

Finally, the proof really is in the pudding. Warcraft Millionaire is the real deal for helping players meet all their gold needs. Not everyone needs to make a million in WoW gold, but for those that find that epic flying mount beyond their reach…

The Warcraft Millionaire guide will help.

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